10100 Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 mustad kaaned koos klaviatuuriga

Keyboard QWERTZ Protect your Tab S2 with this portable, lightweight book cover keyboard. Thanks to the integrated keyboard, you can edit another tablet PC. Different viewing angles You can set up your Galaxy Tab S2 Book Cover Keyboard in three different ways - this will make your tablet even more memorable. In text entry mode, you can share the keyboard and book cover. In View mode, you can use the simple touch controls to activate apps and view pictures or videos. With you are a virtual keyboard enter text. Ergonomic design Typing is even more convenient with the ergonomically shaped Galaxy Tab S2 Book Cover Keyboard. Thanks to the inward-curved buttons you are now faster and more accurate than ever before. Multi-pairing function Pair your book cover keyboard with the simple keyboard shortcuts using various devices. Just press the F11 key when connected to a device and the F12 key when you want to pair with another device. Integrated touchpad The Galaxy Tab S2 Book Cover Keyboard is equipped with a touchpad that offers a laptop-like experience. Thanks to the integrated touchpad, you do not need an additional mouse.

Hind: 40,00 € KM-ga:48,00 €

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