530-9000 insmat QC3 dual Usb smart IC 28W toalaadija adapter

Smart IC arvutab ise vajaliku laadimistugevuse sinu seadmele, QC (quick charge) kiirlaadimis port. 28W Dual USB Travel Charger ▲ 1 USB ports designed with QC 3.0 and Auto detection ▲ 1 USB ports designed with Smart IC for Auto detection ■Specifications: * PC material casing * Glossy finished * Input voltage and current: AC 100-240V ● 1st USB port output : DC 5V 2A max (with Smart IC) Ensure pulls the right amperage accordingly ● 2nd USB (Quick Charge 3.0) Charging mode output With automatic detection to ensure the right amperage during charging - Under normal mode: DC 5V 3A Max. (15W) - Under QC 2.0 mode: DC 9V 2A/ 12V 1.5A Max. - Under QC 3.0 mode: DC3.6-6V 3A /6-9V 2A /9-12V 1.5A Max. ●2 USB ports : Total 28W ●2 USB ports can work at the same time * Dimension: 51x27x56mm (without plug) * Weight: 78g

Hind: 16,50 € KM-ga:19,80 €

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